Areas of Service

Health Clinic

We provide affordable primary care, mental health, women health clinic, dental services, health education, pharmaceutical, and lab services to uninsured and under-insured individuals

Food Bank

We provide both fresh foods and non-perishable items to families in need for FREE

Thrift Store

We ensure that both children and adults alike have their necessary needs by selling brand new to fairly used cloths, shoes, accessories and other personal/home supplies at very low rates.

About Us

Place of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to provide individuals who are less-privileged with access to quality healthcare, food, and clothing.



Place of Hope began in 2002 to help restore personal dignity and provide basic necessities to economically disadvantaged individuals, senior citizens, the disabled, the unemployed and families in need.

We provide basic needs (food, clothing, quality health care) to residents within 5 counties (Clayton, Henry, Fulton, Delkab, and Fayette); The Place of Hope has partnered with several organizations, business, and churches, including MAP International, Americare, GCCN, CVS Health Foundation, National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

In recent years we have expanded our reach of hope and dignity by developing partnerships with agencies in and around Georgia.

Our Mission

Place of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to provide individuals in poverty with access to quality healthcare, dental care, food, clothing, and education.

Our Vision

To provide health and dental services, as well as food and clothing, to members of our community. Eradicating poverty one person at a time

Be the One That Breaks the Cycle of Poverty.


Meet The Founder

I have always desired to do big things for the community based on my love for God and humanity because there are far too many people forced to choose between having food on their table or taking their coughing child to a doctor. This passion led to the establishment of Place of Hope Inc. in 2002 and with your help and donations, Place of Hope Inc. has continued to positively impact our wonderful community that we are amazed at what more we can do with your continued support. We believe that giving reveals our purest nature, our unshakable commitment to the wellbeing and welfare of our communities, and our obligation and love for Jesus Christ.

In the past years, we have remained focused, resilient and have made consistent progress. It is remarkable – frankly, a dream come true that we have a free clinic, food bank, and a thrift store available for our community. A dream that would have never been possible without your donations.

Thank you! You are the ones who keep our doors open. You keep us from making that hard decision of looking in the eyes of sick patients and unable to help them; or on low income residents in need of care and not able to feed or clothe them due to no available resources. We are so grateful for your partnership and pray that you see your commitment as valuable to our community and never stop supporting Place of Hope Inc.

To all our volunteers, thank you for helping us to achieve this great vision.
Indeed, a partnership with Place of Hope is a partnership with God and the community; a partnership with Place of Hope is a partnership to save lives.
Team up with Place of Hope Inc. today to support people who make the difficult decisions every day between having a covering, putting food on the table and going to the doctor for care.

Christy Odugunwa
Founder/CEO, Place of Hope Inc.

Current Partners/Sponsors

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